Snowshoeing in Wells Gray ParkAn ancient and romantically Canadian method of winter travel, snow shoes offer a different winter experience than Nordic skis. 

Snowshoes are better suited for thick woods and hilly terrain than skis, letting you explore all the nooks and crannies of the landscape.  Snow shoes are also very easy to use, requiring no experience other than simple hiking.  Perfect for a family afternoon in the snow.

Some of the best places to Snowshoe in Wells Gray Park are :

  • Pyramid campground trail
  • Spahats Falls viewpoint and trail to Shaden viewpoint
  • Murtle River warming hut to Pyramid Bay
  • Blackwater trail
  • Green Mountain and surrounding trail system
For the more experienced  winter hiker there are  a vast array of back country trails giving you access to the most incredible powder in North America