Explore With the Experts

Wells Gray – a landscape so vast you may not know where to begin exploring. Our recommendation? Get to know the lay of the land by exploring with an expert. It’s easy to find your comfort zone when you’re travelling with the pros. No previous experience? No worries – guiding outfitters will show you the ropes including making all the plans and arranging all the gear. All you have to do? Prepare to be wowed.

A qualified interpretive guide willmaximize your enjoyment of Wells Gray Park and the treasures it contains  

Play in the Park – Touring the Corridor

You can easily explore the Park on your own, but to understand the history, geology and wildlife that make up Wells Gray, you may want to sight-see, hike (or snowshoe in winter) with a local naturalist. Learn the fascinating history of the Park’s waterfalls. Explore bright wildflower meadows and volcanic fields. Climb above the tree line on a hut-to-hut hiking adventure. Full-, half-day and multi-day guided treks & sightseeing tours may just inspire you to head out on your own trails of discovery.

A group of paddlers enjoy the Clearwater River with a qualifyed and experienced local guide  

Guided Kayaking & Rafting

Paddle churning white water rapids. Take a lazy float along a slow running river. Ride a watery rollercoaster of chutes, volcanic canyons and flats. Three expert outfitters take the guesswork out of getting on the river and with a full range of experiences, you’ll find the perfect rafting trip for you. All you need to do is decide: Class I or Class V rapids? A family float or an extreme adventure? Kayak, canoe or inflatable raft? A three-hour injection of high-adrenaline fun, or an overnight expedition? Pick your adventure, make your reservation. Prepare to make a splash.



Fish With the Locals

Angling for adventure? Then drop your line in Wells Gray and Clearwater. One of the last great wilderness preserves, Wells Gray and nearby Clearwater are ultimate angling destinations. Our freshwater lakes and rivers are teeming with fish as diverse as our rugged landscapes making for extraordinary fishing experiences. Tie your fly. Send it reeling. Drink in the glories of the great outdoors while you wait for something to bite. Experienced outfitters can arrange any number of fishing excursions – no matter your skill level or what you’re angling for.


View of Clearwater Lake  

Cruise Clearwater Lake

Go where there are no roads. Paddle wherever your guide and the current takes you. Indulge in a voyage of discovery cruising beneath glacier peaks. Listen to the quiet sounds you can only hear from the middle of the lake. Bring the whole family along to explore the vastness of the park on a guided motorized boat tour of Clearwater and Azure Lakes. Full- and half-day cruises and overnight camping trips are the hallmark of Clearwater Lake Tours  where local experts take the hassle out of getting on the water.

Head out onto an old growth trail for some classic  

Guided Mountain Biking

Pedal and plummet up and down hills lined with cedar and hemlock. Drink in the scent of the forest and the breathtaking views on secluded mountain trails that seem to be reserved exclusively for you. Join an intimate pack of riders delving deeper and deeper into the forest on half- and full-day rides. Guided mountain biking tours through Clearwater and Wells Gray range from a two and a half hour romp for the whole family to a full-day, full-adrenaline, endurance-testing ride.

Wildlife Viewing

Embark on a guided wilderness safari to view bears, deer, wolves, beavers, and 250 species of bird-life. Stand in awe watching black bears grazing mere steps from your vehicle. Marvel at the might of salmon swimming up waterfalls, returning to their spawning grounds. Learn all about migration patterns, feeding habits and the love life of our wild creatures with a Naturalist at your side. Fill your camera with images of your own wildlife experiences, right here, where the wild things are.


  Grizzly tracks on Trophy Mountain in Wells Gray Park with a local interpretive guide   A Moose and its calf enjoying lunch in Wells Gray Park

Hit the Trail

Explore Wells Gray from high on the saddle on a guided horseback adventure. Follow in the hoof prints of our earliest explorers. Cross alpine meadows painted with wildflowers. Ride into the coolness of the forest on a hot summer day. Go for a gallop with a real cowboy. Hear the local legends that colour our history. Drink in views from alpine plateaus you wouldn’t reach by foot.

Many of the Park’s guest ranches (play/ranches) offer full- and half-day guided trail rides through the Park’s forested trails, riverbeds and alpine meadows. If you’re looking for something less nose-to-tail and more out-on-the-range, the folks at Vavenby Trail Rides, 30-minutes north of Clearwater will happily wrangle up a cowboy-guided ride for you.

Take an aerial tour of Wells Gray Park with Wells Gray Air  

Air Tours Over Wells Gray

Get an eagle’s perspective on Wells Gray Park. Soar above the tree tops in a four seat Cessna drinking in views that will set your heart flying. Float above brilliant blue, glacier lakes. Glide over ancient volcanoes. Discover hidden waterfalls and summits beyond the reach of everyday travellers. Fly over  our vast and pristine wilderness, exploring from the seat of a Cessna any day between May and October.

Winter Touring

Celebrate winter in the most Canadian of ways learning to mush a dogsled team through the snowy wilderness of Wells Gray Park. Savour the solitude of winter. Feel the wind on your face. Bounce and glide snow-covered meadows, fuelled by dog power. Rub noses with the pack. Learn to speak sled dog. Drive your own team. Marvel that this was how Canada’s earliest explorers navigated their way north.

Dog sledding in Wells Gray Park   Give in to the call of the wild and get out there with a knowledgeable guide

Strap on a helmet and trade dog power for horsepower on a wilderness snowmobile safari. Follow your guide through winding trails. Discover the beauty of winter in the Park. Feel the power of your machine when you catch a little air. Spot migrating moose and deer across a snow-covered meadow. Make like a true Canadian and explore our wide-open wilderness on a guided snowmobile sledding tour.

The outfitters at Wells Gray Guest Ranch offer half-day guided sled-dog and snowmobile excursions between December & March.

When to Go

  • Spring and early summer are the best times for wildlife viewing in the Park
  • Hiking, Mountain Biking, Horseback Riding and Fishing are best between May and September
  • Wildflower meadows reach their peak bloom in late July and August
  • Winter tours generally take place between December and March

Need to Know

  • Sign-up in advance. Sure, you can make arrangements when you get here, but if you sign-up in advance you’ll be guaranteed a spot on the adventure of your choosing.
  • Once you’ve made your reservation your guide or outfitter will let you know what you’ll need to bring along to best enjoy your tour