Free Spirited Escapades

You love a good time, as long as you’re experiencing the very best of the best that you can afford when you travel. For you, life is a smorgasbord and there’s no better way to sample the riches of the world than by going on vacation.

You’ll take in a bit of everything a destination has to offer, which is why you’ll spend countless hours planning your trip – you don’t want to miss a thing! You’re naturally drawn to exotic and exciting adventures and like to surround yourself with others who feel the same. You travel for the thrill of it and can’t wait to share your adventures with everyone you meet. For you, staying home is not an option!

Uncover a part of British Columbia where rugged, wilderness adventures are rivalled only by their setting – in Wells Gray – midway between the majestic Rocky Mountains and the urban luxuries found in Vancouver and BC’s Lower Mainland.

Do something out of the ordinary on your Wells Gray Getaway – hike where few have walked before – above the alpine on a hut-to-hut adventure. Explore Murtle Lake the only way you’re allowed – by canoe, knowing that not everyone can experience pure Wells Gray wilderness this way. Spoil yourself with a stay at a luxury wilderness B&B. Challenge yourself to find all 20 waterfalls found in the Corridor. Sit in silent wonder, watching bears graze just steps from the trail. Indulge in a flightseeing tour over the volcanic fields that make up the park. Take lots of photos…you’ll want share your Wells Gray adventures with the folks back home!

For the Free Spirit We Suggest…

Exploring the Trophy Meadows Alpine trail

Best Way to Explore Above the Alpine

For an alpine adventure you can only dream of indulge in a guided hut-to-hut hiking experience for a full dose of off-the-grid splendour. Three, five and seven day excursions above the tree line will have you climbing peaks, swimming in high-alpine lakes, napping in wildflower meadows, bedding down in wilderness cabins, making memories and friends along the way.

Helmcken Falls in Wells Gray park

Helmcken Falls from Above


Seven of the Park’s waterfalls originate on the Murtle River, but perhaps none are more famous than Helmcken Falls. Cascading 141m to the canyon below, Helmcken Falls is the fourth largest waterfall in Canada. Most people observe the falls from the safety of the main viewing platform, but you’re adventurous, so you’ll want to do the  1 hour hike on the Rim Trail to catch a bird’s eye view of Helmcken Falls from above.

Stay in a traditional log built cabin in Wells Gray Park

Wilderness Luxury

Schedule a secluded retreat in the heart of Wells Gray Country. Unwind with wildlife right outside your window. Share your stories of your daily adventures with fellow travellers you’ll meet over the dinner table. Indulge in great food and even better conversation at Alpine Meadows Resort where unexpected adventures are found right outside the door.

Clearwater River playboat nirvana in Wells Gray Park

Conquer the Clearwater

Feel the spray on your face and your heart start to race as you rocket through “The Basher”. Bounce over boulders and around watery bends. The 3.5-hour ride through the lowest of the Clearwater’s canyons is 14-km of white-water, white-knuckle fun. Check another item off your bucket list. Rafting and kayaking the Clearwater River delivers the water-fuelled adventure you dreamed of.

Top 10 Experiences for Free Spirits

  • Paddle into untouched landscapes. Glide along glacier-fed Murtle Lake – there’s simply no more Canadian canoeing experience.
  • Discover why National Geographic deemed Hut-to-Hut hiking in Wells Gray “one of the great North American hikes”
  • Get close to the edge on the Rim Trail above Helmcken Falls
  • Explore our vast wilderness from the seat of a Cessna, discovering hidden waterfalls, ancient volcanoes and lakes so blue they seem almost unreal
  • Be one of the few to cool off in the mist of Moul Falls hiking behind its watery veil
  • Arrive at your wilderness campsite in style – by chartered water taxi service
  • Indulge in a wilderness retreat, stay at a luxury B&B in the heart of Wells Gray Country
  • Conquer the Clearwater River on a white-knuckle, white-water rafting adventure
  • Measure your days in vertical feet and shots on your camera, hiking Trophy Mountain’s wildflower meadows
  • Fill your camera’s memory card with images caught in the wild…of bears feeding along the trail, eagles fishing from tree tops, migrating moose and spawning salmon – then share them on your social sites