Featured Hike: Bailey's Chute & West Lake Loop

Guest Writer: Stacia Panko

Take just a moment to reflect or a few hours, the choice is yours. With Bailey’s Chute being the most accessible small waterfall on the Clearwater River, it’s easy to get in tune with your wild side.

This hike features nature’s most powerful, yet serene force: water; unruly in its nature yet elegant, as it flows over the rocky bed of the Clearwater River. Bailey’s Chute is an example of the Clearwater’s unrefined beauty and raw power, all just 10 minutes from the parking lot.

Continue on and the trail will lead you to a much more subdued part of the river, and then even a rocky beach, where one can sit down or skip stones, all the while just appreciating the equanimity and serenity of the area.  

Walking the full loop takes you through beautiful old growth forest, teeming with vegetation and wildlife and finally past West Lake, before reconnecting you back to Bailey’s Chute.