Welcome to Wells Gray & Clearwater

The Land of 39 Named Waterfalls- and counting!

Imagine a place where the Clearwater, Thompson and Murtle Rivers roar and wildlife sightings are as common as sunrise and sunset. Home to 39 named waterfalls, 'Canada's Waterfall Park' welcomes you in every season.

The place you imagine is Wells Gray Country, the mountain communities centred around Clearwater and Wells Gray Provincial Park. 5,250 square kilometres (1.3 million acres) of alpine wilderness, borne from volcanoes and carved by glaciers. It’s one of the most unique landscapes in all of B.C., where your days are measured in your steps hiked, wildlife sightings, and the number of waterfall shots on your camera.

It’s here, among old-growth inland rainforests and soaring mountain peaks that you’ll find your wild. During Spring, Summer and Fall you can hike through ancient forests, paddle pristine lakes, and raft on some of Canada’s fiercest rapids. In the winter, gaze upon frozen waterfalls and ski down untouched backcountry slopes.


Wells Gray and Clearwater - Park and Visitor Guide

7 Thrilling Activities in Wells Gray
Apr 18, 2018
The Wells Gray experience is all about rugged and wild adventure. Here are seven ways to get your thrills in Wells Gray and Clearwater.
Off the Beaten Path in Wells Gray
Apr 17, 2018
This is an adventurous itinerary for those who are looking to get off the beaten path, who are physically fit, and who are looking to explore the natural wonders of this park in a more intimate way.
Approachable Adventure in Wells Gray
Apr 17, 2018
Want to see one of the most pristine pieces of natural beauty without committing to intensive hikes or back-country camping? Would you like to absorb the wonder of an untouched environment, yet do it in a relative level of comfort? Embrace one of the best-kept secrets in Canada and see how we recommend you spend a day in Wells Gray.
Wells Gray - The Canada You Imagined
Apr 9, 2018
Imagine a place where the wild things are, free of crowds, with plenty of wide, open, spaces. The home of Helmcken Falls, Canada’s fourth highest waterfall, just one of 39 named Falls you’ll find here.
Born of Volcanoes & Glaciers
Apr 8, 2018
Born of volcanoes and carved by glaciers. Layered by time and the elements. A rugged un-crowded wilderness, where there’s plenty of breathing room and even more – room to explore. Discover one of the most unique eco-systems in all of British Columbia.
Self-guided Winter Waterfall Tour
Jan 25, 2018
Winter transforms the beautiful and iconic waterfalls of Wells Gray Park into magnificent sculptures of snow and ice. Here's your guide to seeing the frozen waterfalls of Wells Gray in the Winter.