Self-guided Winter Waterfall Tour

Winter transforms the beautiful and iconic waterfalls of Wells Gray Park into magnificent sculptures of snow and ice. The road into the Park and these falls is maintained all winter. Here's your guide to seeing the frozen waterfalls of Wells Gray in the Winter.

1. Helmcken Falls

The iconic crown jewel of waterfalls, Helmcken Falls marvels in all seasons. The fourth tallest waterfall in Canada, watch the famous ice cone at the base of the falls grow throughout the season. With not a crowd in sight, enjoy listening to the thunderous roar.

Access: Easy. Helmcken Falls can be reached on the Clearwater Valley Road (Park Road) which is ploughed and maintained all winter long. The parking lot is maintained and the platform is cleared all winter long.

2. Dawson Falls

Considered a smaller version of Niagara falls, the wide drop of Dawson Falls cascades over 200,000 year old lava beds.

Photo: Chance Breckenridge
Access: Easy. Park at the Bus Parking Pullout for Dawson Falls on the Clearwater Valley Road and walk down the short trails to the viewing area.

3. Mushbowl Falls

Cross the one-lane wooden bridge on the way to Helmcken Falls and you will see Mushbowl Falls which is an intense water feature near the bridge made all the more scenic with its long river and forests views.

Photo: Chance Breckenridge
Access: Easy. Once you cross the bridge, you can pull over and view the falls from a safe distance.

3. Spahats Creek Falls

Spahats Falls plunges into a deep canyon whose layers are made more dramatic by the contrasting snow. With its slow flow, the water freezes into beautiful blue ice forms as it builds an impressive mound of ice at its base.

Photo: Chance Breckenridge
Access: Snowshoe or packed trail in from the Clearwater Valley Road. *The side road into Spahats Falls and the trail and viewing platform are not maintained currently through the winter. Visitors use the trail and viewing platform at their own risk and must take caution

4. For the adventurous: Moul Falls

*This trail is not maintained in the winter and the final portion consists of a steep descent with the potential for slippery sections, steep cliffs, and falling ice. Caution must be used. Those who use the trail do so at their own risk.
Access: This 3km round trip hike takes you along a relatively flat trail to Moul Falls. The trail to the base offers stunning views of the icy veil adjacent to the lava rock cave.

Photo: Chance Breckenridge